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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Groovy Gear For Baby introduces the Shopping Cart Cover

March 31, 2011

Groovy Gear For Baby http://www.groovygearforbaby.com announces a new innovative product for today's health conscious parents.   The soft quilted Balboa Baby® Shopping Cart Cover creates a germ free environment for your baby.

A study by the University of Arizona shows that shopping cart handles are contaminated with a host of bacteria such as E.Coli, the study also found fecal bacteria on the shopping carts handles. Shopping carts are rarely washed or disinfected.    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41838546/ns/health-kids_and_parenting/

Studies show that Restaurant high chairs are also contaminated with bacteria and are only wiped down not disinfected.   http://www.parentdish.co.uk/2010/10/11/more-germs-on-restaurant-high-chairs-than-on-toilet-seats/
This is what your baby is touching when you put them into an unprotected shopping cart,or restaurant high chair it is exposing your baby to germs and possible sickness.

The Balboa Baby® Shopping Cart Cover will prevent your baby from touching these germs as well as giving the parents peace of mind knowing that they are protecting there baby from germs.   You can not protect your baby from all of lifes germs but this product can at least prevent the ones that are in your control
and all babies deserve the best a parent can do to keep them healthy.

The Balboa Baby® Shopping Cart Cover provides a clean and secure environment for babies.    The  soft, quilted material creates a comfortable “nest” for baby with a 360 degree germ free zone.   

Combining simplicity and convenience, the Shopping Cart Cover features four elastic corners that secure Cover to the cart while providing easy one-hand installation. 

Toy loops allow you to attach baby‘s favorite playthings, and an extra wide safety strap comfortably keeps baby secure while attaching Cover to shopping cart or high chair.  The Toy loops are a great feature to keep your baby's favorite toy with them and also germ free because there is no risk of the toy falling onto dirty floors.

Unlike other bulky covers, the ultra soft quilted material of the Balboa Baby® Shopping Cart Cover folds up so small that it can fit into your diaper bag so you will always have it with you.  It also doubles as a highchair cover when dining at your favorite restaurants and can also be used in public swings at parks. 
It is light weight, convenient, washable and available in fashionable colors to keep your baby germ free and comfortably.

Groovy Gear For Baby - Shopping Cart Covers

Product Features:
- 100% soft quilted cotton – machine washable
- Provides a 360 degree germ-free zone
- Folds into itself to a compact, convenient size that can be easily stored in diaper bag
- Toy loops to attach baby’s favorite playthings
- Extra wide safety strap comfortably keeps baby secure while attaching Cover to shopping cart or high chair
- Doubles as Highchair Cover
- Designed to fit most standard shipping carts

The Balboa Baby® Shopping Cart Cover  is a unique ideal  gift for baby showers, baby gifts, or for your own baby. Parents will love this useful and unique gift and will feel good about the protection it provides to there precious little ones.

After all what better feeling is there than knowing you did everything to keep your baby health and happy.About Groovy Gear For BabyOur online store offers products that are stylish, modern, practical, and organic for your special baby.  
The products provide ways to make your child's space personal.  With our extensive selection of crib bedding, toddler bedding , furniture and many other decorative ideas you are sure to find the unique style for your baby's or child's room.

For great baby shower gifts, we offer ready to go gift cakes and gift sets.

For more information on this and many other wonderful and unique products visit us at: 
http://www.facebook.com/groovygearforbabyTwitter:    http://twitter.com/groovygear4baby
Blog:   http://groovygearforbaby.blogspot.com/
Saturday, February 26, 2011

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